'Community': the show that people love to profess their love for on Facebook, then  stream illegally so they get poor ratings, and now they're going to be canceled soon. Before that happens ... it's back tomorrow! That's right the show is returning to air February 7, and we are psyched! In honor of the show (that we obviously love, but we don't own a television, and the commercials on Hulu take annoying to a whole new level), here are 10 of our favorite quotes from the show.

  • 1

    "Don't use gay as a derogatory term. Boo-yeah! Good person."

  • 2

    "A, that is racist. B, swamis can't drive, they're Indians."

  • 3

    "Do you know how long someone who is as sarcastic as I am would last in prison? Suuuuuuch a long time."

  • 4

    "Not a lot of people get a second chance. Just you, and probably Obama."

  • 5

    "Since we got expelled, he's been creepy weird like present day Robin Williams."

    Troy about Abed
  • 6

    "I was gonna be the first person in my family to graduate from community college. Everyone else graduated from normal college."

  • 7

    "I'm a werewolf who feeds on selfish vampires!"

  • 8

    "I will find a loophole...then I'll kill you."

  • 9

    "When I was 30 people used to wish I was dead to my face, that's called respect."

  • 10

    "For your information, I don't have an ego. My Facebook photo is a landscape."


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