Valentine's Day

Flirt With a Celebrity For Valentine’s Day
Conan O'Brien is providing all sorts of valuable services this Valentine's season. Yesterday we told you about his Valentine's F-cards, which allow you to tell your Facebook friends what you really think about them. And on last night's show, he offered hi…
Romantic Prankster Tries to Find a Valentine at the Drive-Thru
For some of us, no Valentine's Day would be complete without having to endure perpetual rejection. No one seems to know that better than comedian and prankster, Alki Stevens, who made this hilarious drive-thru Valentine's Day prank video that is even more awkward than your date last year.
A Valentine’s Day Card From Adele
Who better to wish your beloved a Happy Valentine's Day than the queen of romantic music herself, Adele? We've created a special Adele-themed Valentine's Day Card for you to send to that special someone ("like you") in your life. Check it out below.
Conan O’Brien Facebook Cards Will Steal Your Valentine
This Valentine's Day, Conan is here to help. Last year, the late-night host launched a series of video F-cards, which you can send to your friends on Facebook. F-cards are a lot like E-Cards only, well, blunter. With Valentine's just around the corner, Conan has unleashed a trio of F-…
10 Awesomely Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts on Etsy
Roses wilt and die -- but a handmade knickknack gathering dust on a shelf is forever! That's the unofficial Valentine's Day motto over at the artisanal mall that is Etsy, where Cupid's arsenal of weapons includes not just an arrow, but also knitting needles, soldering irons, and, judg…

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