For some of us, no Valentine's Day would be complete without having to endure perpetual rejection. No one seems to know that better than comedian and prankster, Alki Stevens, who made this hilarious drive-thru Valentine's Day prank video that is even more awkward than your date last year.

Not every proposal ends in rejection, but the funny ones certainly do. That is why Alki Stevens went out, equipped with a camera and an arsenal of Valentines day gifts and goodies in search of his one and only true love. And where did he attempt to find a significant other? What better place to look than at various fast food drive-thru windows?

When Alki pulls up to the drive-thru window he awkwardly hands a token of his admiration to a number of unsuspecting cashiers. The look of disappointment on his face is almost as priceless as the looks of shock and disbelief on the faces of his prank victims.

Surprisingly, not one of the employees played along with the gag leading us to believe that the fast food circuit may not be the best place to find a date. Although, crazy things happen every day. We've found that fast-food waitresses respond better to singing.