Oprah Will Not Be Trifled With on Twitter
Maybe you think you can just mess with Oprah on Twitter and get away with it. Maybe you think she's too busy/rich/famous to actually pay attention. Maybe you're wrong, jerk.
Somebody tried to get sassy with Oprah by insulting her appearance on Twitter(on the day before her birthday nonethel…
Conan Takes on Lance Armstrong’s Interview With Oprah
If only it actually went down this way.
With his new-found free time, cycling legend/disgrace Lance Armstrong recently took to the OWN network with Oprah Winfrey to discuss his doping, his loss of advertisers and apparently his immense jerkiness. And while Armstrong was candid in his "no holds b…
Oprah to 50 Cent: ‘Why Did You Name Your Dog After Me?’
Oprah Winfrey and 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) have a history of not getting along. Oprah has long been critical of the misogyny in rap lyrics and Jackson has taken this personally, lashing out at the TV queen on multiple occasions.
But perhaps his most famous insult came when he made a big deal ove…