News Bloopers

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Walk and Text
Texting and walking is a pretty bad idea, particularly when you're walking down steps. Which is something the young lady in the background of this live CBC report is bound to remember the next time she tries to look at her phone while navigating a short flight of concrete stairs.
News Anchors Have A Little Too Much Fun During a Commercial Break
Most people run to the refrigerator during a commercial break, but these two news anchors use that time to practice their well choreographed dance routine. Chicago's WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange have had a lot of time to practice this little number and it definitely shows.
Does This Weather Map Drawing Look Like Something Naughty? [IMAGE]
The Midwest will never be the sexiest part of the United States -- particularly in the winter when everybody is bundling up in bulky jackets.
However, this Chicago WGN 9 map of a weather pattern moving down from the Great Lakes to St. Louis and Cincinnati definitely puts the region in a racier than u…
Grinchy News Anchor Says Santa’s Not Real [VIDEO]
Ever since Virginia O'Hanlon wrote The New York Sun asking if Santa Claus was real, the media has treated the existence of the jolly old elf as sacred. Until now.
During a live broadcast on Tuesday, Robin Robinson of Fox News Chicago loudly proclaimed there is no Santa. What a Scrooge!
Reporter Makes Goofy Face After Prankster Scares Her [VIDEO]
News reporters have a tough gig -- they have to adjust their demeanor depending on the story they're talking about, oftentimes switching moods in a matter of moments. It's harder than it looks.
This particular reporter, KDVR Denver's Ginger Delgado, went even one better -- during a remote report, som…

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