Thanks to the new Pixar film 'Brave,' redheaded girls have an animated movie character to emulate besides Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid.'

Nineteen-year-old Redditor "Aeriat" is currently the queen of such emulation after she submitted a series of photos of herself in a homemade Princess Merida costume "for the consideration" of the social news website.  A few thousands up votes later and it's safe to say Reddit wholeheartedly approves.

Although the bow and arrow in the photo is a toy, Aeriat explained in the chat that she is actually an experienced archer who learned bowmanship in the backwoods of Tennessee from her grandfather. She learned how to sew from her grandmother, and created the costume from a linen/rayon blend. It also shouldn't surprise anyone to learn that Aeriat used to work at a Renaissance Festival.

Check out more photos of Aeriat as Merida below.