With their new movie 'Planes,' Disney has made the first Pixar spin-off, but without all the thoughtful storytelling and breathtaking animation that usually bogs down Pixar films. Boasting to be "from above the world of 'Cars'" (so, the sky basically?), 'Planes' proves that you can make anything cute by sticking giant eyes and a mouth on it. 

To celebrate the release of 'Planes,' we thought we'd offer up some suggestions for other vehicle-based animated movies that Disney could use to separate beleaguered parents from their hard-earned dollars. Take a look at some inevitable Disney would-be classics below, with posters created by Kristy Puchko.

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    Kristy Puchko

    Mac (Jamie Kennedy) is a hotshot big city Segway who gives tours of Washington, D.C. landmarks. But when he breaks down in a small town on his way to the annual Segway convention, he finds himself surrounded by colorful locals. Will Mac learn humility from Gus (Robert Loggia), a gruff first generation Segway whose gyroscopic sensors have seen better days? Will he make it to SegFest, or will he get distracted by the charms of sassy Segway Bonita (Sofia Vergara)?

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    Kristy Puchko

    Peter (John Krasinski) is the newest recruit to join the Greyhound ranks. But nothing in his bus university training has prepared him for Tammy (Queen Latifah), a no-nonsense vet who has seen her share of Topeka to Albuquerque runs. If Peter doesn’t get his cargo of screaming children, creepy drifters and college students going home for winter break to their destination in a timely manner, he could lose his job and be sent to the scrap heap. Will Peter win the coveted "Bus of the Year" award? Will Tammy ever get reunited with her long-lost little buses? And what’s that weird smell? No, seriously, did someone die on here? God, I should've taken Amtrak...

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    'Up 2: Just Hot Air Balloons'

    Kristy Puchko

    If you thought the only thing missing from Pixar's 'Up' was talking balloons, then you're in luck! 'Up 2: Just Hot Air Balloons' gives you all the flying balloon action you could possibly want without all the dying old people stuff. Strap in as two hot air balloons (Seth Rogen and Steve Carell) race around the world in a fast-paced adventure filled with colorful characters that are also balloons! And don't forget to visit Party City, your source for official 'Up 2' merchandise.

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    Kristy Puchko

    From somewhere in the general vicinity of the world of 'Cars,' comes this look at the moderately paced world of scooters. Featuring the voices of Mandy Moore, Justin Long and Monica Bellucci as the sultry Vespa. With songs by Jason Mraz, One Direction and Adam Duritz. Hey parents, remember Counting Crows?? You know, from back in the days when you had hopes and dreams and didn't have to drag your screaming rugrats to terrible movies??

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    'Stair Cars'

    Kristy Puchko

    From the world of 'Planes,' comes Disney's latest animated hit! Sam (Jay Baruchel) is a stair car at Minneapolis-St Paul Airport who dreams of some day graduating to the big leagues transporting luggage like his cocky brother Jordan (Jason Segel). But when terrorists invade the airport, it’s up to Sam to stop the evil dictator of Bazhistan (Sacha Baron Cohen) from spreading his nefarious schemes. (Look for 'Stair Cars: The Game' available now from Disney Interactive!)