Given its stirring music and awesome animation, the intro to 'Game of Thrones' has already been parodied several times, most notably by 'The Simpsons.' In this fan-created video, the intro is lovingly recreated using nothing but LEGO. Sadly, even in a LEGO-themed 'Game of Thrones' world, we bet Ned Stark still loses his head. Sniff!

Called 'A Clash of LEGO,' this video brings a map of the mystical land of Westeros to life with the beloved children's building blocks. The ruins of Harrenhal, where Arya Stark is held, King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, and even Pyke, the seat of House Greyjoy in the Iron Islands, are all there.

Our only gripe is with the faux 'Game of Thrones' theme music. Perhaps they wanted to avoid a copyright infringement suit and/or possible beheading?