Then: Camp was a total unknown when he competed against 4,000 contenders for a VJ spot on 'Total Request Live' in 1998 via MTV's 'Wanna Be a VJ' contest. Despite fellow contestant Dave Holmes have a far superior knowledge of all things music, Camp's quirky charisma won him the contest. However, his victory was later challenged by a 'Village Voice' article that claimed a hacker called UglyPig had cheated the voting system, casting 3,000 ballots for the outrageous oddball.

Now: Camp's time on MTV was short-lived. After appearing sporadically on 'TRL' for a year, he attempted to transition into a rock career of his own with his band Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz. Despite releasing an album and a music video, the group never took off. He was off the radar for several years, and then regrettably resurfaced in 2008 to toast the end of 'Total Request Live' at the 'Total Finale Live' event. Here he broke the heart of fans by openly seeking hard drugs in front of a pack of reporters. (You can watch that catastrophe unfold here if you're so inclined.) Since his time on MTV, Jesse has had such random jobs as pet supply store clerk and telemarketer for a non-profit. He told the LA Weekly back in '08 that he was making films and mounting a comeback. We're still waiting, Jesse.