Oh, the early '90s. Hammer Pants were fashionable, Nirvana was just preparing to stop hair metal as a genre in its tracks, and basketball was king. Michael Jordan was still in the game, and everybody wanted to be like Mike. Even, as this video proves, the dorky kids from the suburbs.

Who, you ask, is this Nerfball Ninja? The brother of film editor Sari Tracht. Tracht stumbled across these videos her brother shot in the basement proving white dorks can't jump, and decided to cut them together with sound effects as an adorable tribute to her no-doubt far less awkward brother. We're sure it was a cute thing to show the family.

Then, for some reason, she uploaded it onto the Internet, we assume so that total strangers like us could laugh at him. Awwww, the love of siblings, isn't it a wonderful thing?

[ via Buzzfeed ]