This father and his 16-month-old son were watching 'Man of Steel' together quietly, but then this happened.

In the video above, YouTube user Iribbit has his son on his lap and is happily watching the film with him. They're at the sequence in the movie in which Kal-El first attempts to test out his power of flight. The buildup seems to be too much for the baby and he starts to gesture wildly, his face alight with excitement. It even sounds like he's trying to utter the word "wow!" as he moves his arms around, seemingly trying to imitate Superman's moves in the air.

The most adorable part is when he raises both of his fists as if he were Superman, breaking through the sound barrier and flying high above the planet. At the end of the nearly two minute-long video, the little guy claps to show his appreciation and they make to play the sequence for him once more.

It just goes to show you how the power of the movies can transport us to different places and allow us to believe we're different people. In the case of this little dude, he felt what it was like to soar through seeing Superman do it onscreen. Congratulations, DC Comics, it looks like you've got another life-long fan on your hands.

Watch the incredibly adorable, heartwarming video above and believe that a man can fly along with this baby.

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