Watching the first two seasons of Star Trek in one sitting used to require a long weekend and a lot of Mountain Dew. But thanks to YouTube user twilight1138, now you can watch all 56 episodes at once.

Did we say the first two seasons? Well, almost. Eagle-eyed Trekkie's will notice that twilight1138 swapped out the first episode of season one for the first episode of season three so all the episodes would be the same length. (And if you caught that, you really are both eagle-eyed and a Trekkie.) Unfortunately, that also means you'll be seeing the universally reviled episode "Spock's Brain", where a bunch of women in miniskirts...steal the Vulcan's brain.

One of the things you notice from watching the video is how often a frame is a tight shot of a character talking. Yup, Star Trek was a very dialogue-driven show. Also, we think Shatner had it in his contract that he got at least 15 close ups an episode.