Master Yoda is known for many things, but none is more legendary than his notoriously bad grammar.

It's one of pop culture's greatest mysteries. How can someone with such a heavy grasp of metaphysics and philosophy have such lousy syntax? One 'Star Wars' fan has tried to rectify that.

In this clever video, the Jedi master's major scenes from the 'Star Wars' prequels have been re-edited to give Yoda better subject and verb placement in his dialogue. If you're the kind of 'Star Wars' nerd who just can't bare the thought of another classic character being railroaded into an image change (cough! Anakin Skywalker! cough!), then we advise you not to proceed any further.

As fellow 'Star Wars' fans, we have to admit that we've been through a lot these last few decades. We've had to deal with learning that Darth Vader is the same whiny, greasy, overly dramatic teen that we were in high school. We've had to endure endless re-edits of our favorite scenes from the 'Star Wars' re-releases to the re-re-re-releases. We've had to try and understand Jar Jar Binks. But at least now we know what it's like to hear Yoda speak like a normal person. Well, as normal as a little green being who can utilize the mystical energies around us to levitate objects can be.

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