This is Chris Kipiniak. You might recognize Chris from his work on "The Good Wife", "Law & Order", and "Delocated". But after this dramatic reading of a Yelp review, you'll never forget him.

This comes courtesy of Joe Plummer, who took a look at the ridiculous reviews that some places sometimes get on Yelp, and decided they really needed a dramatic reading. Yelp, for those who don't know, is a site that allows users to offer their uncensored opinions about businesses from dry cleaners to diners. It's a controversial site for many reasons, not least because of its user base. Many accuse Yelp of being frequented solely by cheap entitled college students and sneering hipsters... and honestly that's sometimes borne out by the reviews.

Plummer will be doing one video a week of professional actors reading these reviews until Yelp sues him. Hopefully they'll choose to let Plummer continue. And hopefully Kipiniak will get another review to read.