Home appliance company Electrolux is thinking about taking a new idea for a spin.

The company's CEO says it is testing a "laundry Uber" service in which people fork over money to do their laundry in someone else's home. It could potentially eliminate the stigma and hassle of going to a laundromat, while also providing the person who owns the machine with a quick way of making some money by renting out his or her washer and dryer, a concept that is remarkably similar to Uber and AirBnB.

There are a number of obstacles to overcome before this becomes a reality. What happens if you damage a machine? What if a machine ruins an article of clothing? Who provides the detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets? Do you just hang out in a stranger's home for a few hours while waiting for your load to finish? And what is the price point?

A date for when this idea may come to fruition hasn't been announced, but it certainly raises some interesting questions, especially if things go wrong, like this woman who lost her cool with an Uber driver shows.

And let's not forget how some people who use Airbnb can act. That'll make you think twice abour letting a stranger into your home to clean his unmentionables.

We can just picture a scenario where someone doing his laundry goes mental and uses a laundry basket to destroy everything inside the house just because the wrinkle-free setting didn't meet his expectations. People are rightfully possessive of their clothing, so you just know someone is bound to go off the deep end.