Before you watch this video, we'd like to offer something of a disclaimer. We don't blame 11-year-old "singer-songwriter" Harper Gruzins for performing what some are calling the "worst national anthem ever" before a Dallas/Los Angeles MLS soccer game over the weekend.

Instead, we blame her parents and whoever is in charge of the FC Dallas pregame ceremony for allowing this sonic disaster to happen. Shame on them.

That said, prepare yourself for an anthem that is not only awful, but really, really long.

Judging from the reactions in the stadium, that may have sounded even worse in person.

On the bright side, her raw voice isn't bad at all. She just needs to learn how to sing. Since she is only 11 she has plenty of time to do that, hopefully in much less public venues.

Gruzins can also take solace in the fact that her rendition was clearly not the worst anthem ever. Behold an even more breathtakingly bad performance of the 'Star-Spangled Banner' by nine-time Olympic gold medal winner Carl Lewis.

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