It's not just a funny title -- 'The Worst Movie EVER' might actually be the worst movie ever. After opening in one theater in Los Angeles, the movie grossed $11, making it the lowest grossing film of all time.

The synopsis makes it out to be a pretty ridiculous science fiction b-movie just angling for the title:

"A robot alien. Angst-ridden teens. Cleavage-wielding soul takers. A dark overlord. A pregnant 14-year-old cougar. Macho scientists. Santa Claus. Yeah, this movie has it all."

If that doesn't help explain it, perhaps this tagline will:

"It may be the worst movie ever, but it's the best sci-fi/action/drama/horror/comedy/musical you've ever seen."

Does that sound like the worst movie ever? Does it just need some awesome amateur lightsaber duels? Check out the trailer and judge for yourself:

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