Admittedly, we don't know much about foreign cinema. But after watching this hilariously drawn-out death scene from a 1974 Turkish film, we just might have to update our Netflix queue.

The film is called 'Kareteci Kiz' (Karate Girl) and it follows the story of a young girl who becomes a policewoman and seeks revenge against criminals who murdered her father and husband.

In this clip, the protagonist uses poorly choreographed karate and an obvious prop gun to take down a baddie with the most impressive '70s 'stache we've ever seen.

But the best part is how many shots (five!) it takes to bring the criminal down and how long he takes (more than a full minute!) to actually keel over.

For added effect, he bounces off a dresser, hugs the wall and finally collapses on a bed in ludicrous slo-mo. Of course, he screams for the entire minute as well. The last time we saw a death scene this cheesy, we were kids playing with toy guns.

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