The popular iPhone game Words with Friends can do just about anything: make people smarter, bring people together, even make Alec Baldwin seem even kookier than he already is. Now, it's literally saving lives.

Georgie Fletcher of Australia struck up a friendship with Beth Legler of Blue Springs, MO after playing the popular iPhone game together. The two were in the middle of a match recently when Georgie mentioned her husband, Simon, was feeling under the weather. Beth then relayed the details to her husband, Dr. Larry, who recommended visiting a hospital immediately.

Georgie and Simon wasted no time. It turned out that the doctors found a severely blocked artery near the Aussie citizen's heart. They say the blockage would have killed him if left untreated.

"I owe Larry everything," Simon told KCTV CBS 5. "I'm really lucky to be here... I've got to buy that man a beer."

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