Tornadoes wreaked havoc in the middle parts of the US on Friday, killing 39 people in five states. Storms of this force and magnitude can strike in an instant, and typically the only thing you can do if you find yourself in the deadly storm's crosshairs is hope you are able to get to a storm cellar.

However, one woman in the West Liberty, Kentucky area decided to take on a tornado head on with prayer. Judging from the video, some people think her technique may have worked.

Pretty intense stuff, right? Do you think the woman's desperate prayers had anything do with the tornado sparing her home?

And while you certainly can't blame the woman for doing anything she could to keep the storm away, how do feel about praying for a tornado to change course? Even if your prayer works, the storm may still hit somebody in another town even harder than it would have hit you. Is that OK?