The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery is one of the more solemn spots in America. But in case visitors didn't know that already, there is a sign in front of it that requests "silence and respect."

Lindsey Stone apparently doesn't like signs which tell her what to do.

The Plymouth, Massachusetts woman -- who was in Virginia on a business trip for Living Independently Forever Inc. -- had a co-worker snap a picture of her giving the finger to the sign. She then naturally posted that photo on her Facebook page. (We blurred out the obscene gesture.)

Needless to say, many folks found her pose offensive.

In response to complaints from veterans and others, Living Independently Forever Inc. have put both Stone and the photographer on unpaid leave. They may eventually be fired.

We can probably all agree that posing for the photo and then posting it on the internet showed extremely poor judgement. But is it a fireable offense?