Finders keepers? Not quite.

A woman who recently found a wallet in Ames, Iowa not only returned it to its owner, but she also slipped in an extra 10 bucks, along with a note of inspiration.

After Laura Diers found the wallet – which contained no money -- she saw a driver’s license and ID for college freshman Wes Monroe.

Diers, a mother of four, mailed the wallet back to the address on Monroe’s license, along with a $10 bill. She had looked him up on Facebook and thought he was a “really nice kid,” so she decided to give him the cash, as a well as a touching letter, which, said, in part, “I know it’s not much, but it’s always nice to have a little extra cash. Enjoy a drink with a friend or put a drop of gas in your car.”

Diers said she hopes she could brighten his day, noting, “I’ve been in those positions where it would’ve been really nice to get some encouragement from somebody.”

Monroe was certainly blown away by Diers’ generosity, saying, “It takes a special individual to go out and do something like that.”

Monroe, by the way, used the money on gas and plans to write a letter to Diers to thank her.

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