You've gotta have a lotta nerve -- or a really good reason -- to pull over a police officer.

A woman in Miami named Claudia Castillo stopped a cop for speeding last Friday. Specifically, she clocked him going 100 miles per hour and sped up herself to catch him, honking and flashing her lights to get his attention.

Castillo posted the encounter on YouTube:

Both Castillo and the officer remained cordial, but the policeman, who did say he would slow down, maintained he did nothing wrong:

I don't know how fast I was going, but I can tell you this, 'I'm on the way to work right now.' I don't believe I was speeding."

Castillo told CBS4 in Miami, "The cop drove past me so fast my car shook. And I got upset. I started speeding up and I stopped at 80. He's been driving recklessly. He was going about 100 miles-an-hour 'cause I was hitting 80 and I could not catch up to him.”

Authorities say they plan to investigate the matter.