This video may come off as painfully sexist, but it's still pretty funny. A woman was trying to park her car into a small parking space. Some men will be rolling their eyes already reading that, but it gets worse -- for the woman. A bunch of drunk German soccer fans surround her car and decide to give the woman some "encouragement."

This was filmed in 2010, when Germany hosted the World Cup that year. The soccer fans were celebrating their nation's victory over Argentina in the city of Münster. And when Germans celebrate anything, you know beer is involved. Lots of it.

The group of men cheer (or jeer) the woman as she reverses her car into the tight space. Then it gets funnier. Another drunk fan comes from behind and blows a whistle as if to guide her as she backs up the car. When she finally manages to park the car successfully, the men all jump in celebration.

Sexist? Sure, but it did make us laugh nonetheless.