Last weekend, a woman in Oklahoma went missing and her family feared the worst. Fortunately, she was found alive several days later. So where had she been? Turns out, she accidentally got trapped in a deep freezer and may have been there as long as five days.

After searching her apartment last Tuesday, son Jermal Stewart found 59-year-old Theresa Christian huddled in a freezer in a closet with severe frostbite on her legs.

"I heard her say, 'Help me, help me,'" Stewart said. "She was in the closet, in the kitchen, in her deep freezer, and I opened the door and she was sitting in there."

There were no locks preventing Christian from leaving the freezer, so it's unclear how she became trapped. Nor are authorities entirely certain why she crawled into the freezer in the first place.

However, Christian's family said she takes large amounts of medication and may have been disorientated. Plus, it's thought that she could have been seeking shelter from storms and tornadoes that rolled through the area.

Christian was immediately taken to a local hospital where she remains in serious condition, but is expected to survive. Police have reportedly ruled out foul play in the chilling incident.