(Since this is a sad/weird story as opposed to just weird, please enjoy the kitten above.)

When Florida woman Jennie Scott started having sex with her boyfriend Jiliberto Deleon, she was already annoyed. You see, the 50-year-old had caught her 32-year-old on-and-off beau engaging in some dirty phone chatter with another lady earlier in the day.

But instead of bringing the pair closer together, the lovemaking session just accentuated their problems when Deleon proved unable to please Scott. Enraged at this selfishness, Scott started beating Deleon.

According to a witnesses who entered into the bedroom when he heard Deleon start screaming, Scott also hit her lover with a stick and threatened him with a wrench.

When the police arrived they unsurprisingly found Scott to be "extremely" intoxicated and she violently revisited arrest. When she was finally corralled, Scott was jailed on a misdemeanor battery charge.

If this story sounds familiar it's because almost exactly the same thing happened about a month ago when another Florida woman lashed out criminally after her boyfriend left her unfulfilled.

So fellows, it's really important that you finish anything you start in the bedroom. This is especially true if you happen to live in Florida.