It's officially after Thanksgiving, which means it's time for Hallmark to roll out their annual collection of new adorable collectible ornaments. But amid the miniature Snoopys and Jack Skellingtons comes this $12.95 abomination:

pooh ornament

Cover your eyes, Piglet! And let's hope Eeyore doesn't see this. The sight of the "Everything is Honey" Pooh ornament is enough to send him into a permanent sad spiral.

First off, while he's supposed to be dressed like a bee, the paint job on this ornament makes it look like he's wearing a two-piece swimsuit while taking a dip in the honey pool. Somebody at Hallmark forgot that Pooh's skin is also yellow, thus the yellow in the bee costume ends up looking like Pooh's pale stomach.

Pooh with his head stuck in a honey jar is one thing. Who doesn't love to laugh at a bear with crippling overeating issues? But frolicking in the sticky stuff in what looks like a man-kini? That's enough to scar poor Christopher Robin for life.

Buy the ornament here if you dare. You can also pick up the unfortunately named "Pooh-Koo Clock" version.

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