Just when you thought the Westboro Baptist church couldn't get any lower, they did.

The radical group, which has gained notoriety for protesting military funerals and blaming the deaths on America's acceptance of homosexuality, announced that they would picket a vigil that is being held this week for victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

In response, the hacktivist group Anonymous decided to make sure the WBC wouldn't be making any more announcements. After releasing a video in which they said they would "destroy" the WBC, Anonymous appears to have taken over the Twitter account of WBC spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper.

Instead of WBC's regular messages of hate, on Monday Phelps-Ropers twitter account posted a link to a petition calling for the White House to label the WBC as a hate group. There were also other less safe for work changes to the account's layout.

In addition, Anonymous has taken credit for bringing down the WBC's main website and posting its member's personal information online.

It's unclear if the Westboro Baptist Church still plans to go to Connecticut. In the past they have announced their intentions to protest certain events but then never actually showed up.

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