The wedding dance medley has become a viral video staple. Usually what happens is the bride and groom start out dancing to a traditional wedding song, when suddenly the music goes up-tempo and the newlyweds whip out a speedy batch of choreographed dance moves to various pop hits.

And that's basically how this video starts. But the twist here is that the twists keep coming. Watch a spry couple show off their ability to dance to all sorts of different musical styles.

Bryan Adams, C+C Music Factory, The Offspring. There's a lot of '90s music going on in that clip. That combined with the young man's hairstyle and the general decor had as thinking the video was from 1994. But since there were also a few modern songs mixed in with the nostalgia, it's clear that the video takes place now.

So basically the bride and groom are just really hung up on the '90s. And if you could quickly identify all the songs in the video, you may be too.