Music can have a profound effect on all of us. It triggers memories, elevates our mood, makes us angry and helps us learn. It can also bring us out from the dark shell of a weakened and aging mind. That’s certainly the effect music has had for this man who suffers from dementia brought on by age.

Henry has been in a care facility for about 10 years. Finally, his dementia had become too much for his wife to handle and she could no longer care for him. His family visits and he is under the care of professionals, but usually he sits quietly, unresponsive and barely able to speak.

Recently, Henry was given an iPod loaded with music from his generation and religious songs that would likely appeal to his spiritual and musical background. The unbelievable way the music seems to bring Henry to life is an incredible sight. His face lights up, his posture changes, his eyes open wide. Even after the music is turned off, Henry is better able to answer questions lucidly and seems to be in a much brighter spirit.

Watch this clip and then try to deny that music is an amazing gift.

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