Here we have a video of BUB, a very special kitty who emanates cuteness of a magnitude that we've not yet witnessed.

BUB is a special cat because she's considered a "perma-kitten," which means that she will remain the size of a kitten and keep her kitten-like features forever. It's as if BUB was stuck in Neverland, never having to grow old. She's also got dwarfism, resulting in those cute, little limbs of hers. But this also means that she has trouble moving around, especially because her legs are so short and stubby.

On top of her dwarfism, BUB has a short bottom jaw that has no teeth. The folks on her website assure everyone that BUB "has a very healthy appetite and eats dry and wet food with no problems," so no worries there. If you look closely at her paws, you might also notice that she's got extra toes. This makes her a polydactyl cat. In other words, she's a very unique specimen.

BUB was found as a runt in a tool shed in Indiana. As a rescue, she was taken in and given special care due to her genetic anomalies. Although she might have what seems like a lot of problems, she's living life to the fullest and is probably one of the most adorable animals you will ever see.

Check out her baby footage in the video above and take a look at her website here.