It's a treat to see members of the military who surprise their families by returning home unannounced. This video proves that the sheer joy of that is as strong as ever.

Last Sunday's graduation at Grand Forks Central High School, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, will go down as more memorable for one family than any other. Taylor Crafton was stunned when her father, Chris, who serves in the Air Force, showed up.

Chris had been in Cuba for a few months, but shocked his daughter when he burst onto the stage as Taylor was set to get her diploma.

Even more amazing is that no one in the family knew Chris was coming home.

Taylor said, “I’m just so happy he’s here. (It’s) better than a car, better than anything, so yeah, that’s all I wanted for graduation."

Way to keep it all in perspective.

Now, excuse us, while we tend to these darned tears.

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