Have you adequately prepared your heart for this fuzzy moment? Here's a polar bear cub attempting to take his first steps. It's entirely too adorable.

This little guy was born on Nov. 9, 2013 and just started taking his first steps the other day. He's got no name, but he's currently at the Wildlife Health Centre at the Toronto Zoo, so you can hoof it up there and start calling him whatever you please. Some choice names would be "Cutie," "Fuzzball," "The Adorable Snowman" or "Bob." Why Bob? Because when you're this cute, you can be called whatever you want.

Thanks to the magic of technology and a steady hand, we've got footage of the little guy's first steps. While he might not be a master of his motor skills just yet, it's absolutely heartwarming to see him use those funny little things sticking out the sides of his body. With the help of the towel for traction, he takes one small step for bearkind. Well, he actually stumbles quite a bit, but we give him full marks for his effort.

The video was posted to help bring awareness to the Wildlife Health Centre, which regularly provides animals, like our little bear friend, with veterinary care. They're in the process of modernizing the facilities, but they need some help. If you'd like to assist them, you can check out these two links for more information and to donate.

Watch the bear cub in the video above and show your computer screen with "aws!"

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