We all know that cats hate a lot of things and often show their ire. But it's quite another thing to see cats stew with hate when being forced to wear clothing.

Today's Daily Distraction features 56 great seconds of cats who hate wearing clothes. While some of these feisty felines are content to showcase their absolute hate by scowling at the humans with cameras, silently plotting their vengeance, other cats have vastly different reactions to being outfitted with sweaters and costumes.

One reaction we weren't expecting to see were cats losing their wills to do anything at all after having been put into fetching outfits. These guys can't even stand up on their own four paws because of how ridiculously distressing it is to be wearing such weird clothing. It's amazing to see so many of them being propped up on their legs only to tumble over or slump down into a pile of clothed, unhappy cat.

Then you have the more proactive kitties who actively try to escape the bonds of being clothed by writhing around on the floor, attempting to rip the clothes off their own backs. Sadly, to no avail, these guys just end up looking like they're possessed or failing to breakdance.

Watch the video above to see all of the cats react differently to being clothed. But one thing is constant: they all hate being clothed, they all hate trying to escape being clothed and they all hate their humans for betraying them in this fashion, for fashion.