With the Oscars on their way, now's the time to think back on all of the movies of 2013. If you haven't seen them all, here are spoilers for 50 of them!

The good folks at The Fine Bros have uploaded this video that's a little over six minutes long, filled to the brim with spoilers from the past year in movies. With that said, we probably don't have to warn you that there are massive spoilers in the video, so don't watch it if you care about approaching any of these 50 films with a fresh view on the narrative.

Most importantly, The Fine Bros take special care to spoil the nine nominees for the Academy Award for Best Picture. This way, you can get the skinny on some of the films you have missed or didn't have access to during the past year. It's a good thing too, because there are always a handful of movies that are nominated that we never even saw advertised. Now you can pretend that you saw it too and avoid being shunned by your film snob friends.

Just to give you a bit of a sneak peek, here are just a few of the movies that are spoiled in the video: 'Gravity,' 'Nebraska,' 'American Hustle,' 'HER,' 'Philomena,' 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' '12 Years a Slave,' 'Dallas Buyers Club,' 'Captain Phillips' and 'All is Lost.'

Now get to watching the video above and cram as much spoilerific knowledge into your head as you can!

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