Sure, you're probably thinking "oh, no. Not my mug. I wash that thing all the time." Unfortunately, you might still be carrying around a travel cup that is quickly becoming an ideal home for mold.

How Mold Grows In Your Travel Mug

Just because you don't see any mold doesn't mean that there isn't a patch already lurking in the deepest, darkest shadows of your to-go cup.

"In face, many travel mugs have removable seals to trap in heat or cold — and if they aren't properly cleaned and dried, these seals also trap bacteria," Delish explains. "As you may remember from science class, bacteria eventually turns into mold in moist, dark areas."

While the main example provided by Delish were from users of Yeti products, the issue is prevalent across several brands. In other words, throwing down extra cash for a "high quality" tumbler isn't going to keep you safe from mold if you never plan to properly clean it.

Best Ways To Clean Travel Cups

Experts recommend a couple different methods for keeping your travel mugs clean and potentially free of mold.

Merry Maids, who operates cleaning services across the U.S., suggests washing the mug out with hot water and dish soap on regular basis. Removing the seal from the underside of the lid will help make sure nothing is trapped up there.

"Let the mug and lid dry separately before screwing the top back on and using the vessel again," Merry Maids says.

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You also might want to consider an occasional deep clean of the cup and lid. AllRecipes.com says a mixture of 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar in the mug should get the job done.

"After the bubbled settle down, cap the mug, leaving the drinking spout open but covered with your thumb or finger, and shake it," the website explains.

Pour out the bubbly concoction, rinse your mug with warm water and let it dry before using it for your next drink.

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