Black Friday turned ugly at one Arkansas Walmart over something that has probably never caused a riot in the history of the world: waffle makers.

There are always some minor scuffles on the famed Black Friday shopping day, the first day after Thanksgiving and the first official day of the holiday shopping season.

This year was not only no exception, but it may be one for the history books. One shopper in California allegedly pepper sprayed her fellow consumers over scoring the last sale-priced XBox 360.

A Walmart outside of Little Rock, Arkansas somehow managed to top that, even though there were fewer injuries but far more widespread chaos during the Black Friday sales. The store lower the price for a waffle maker and the crowd literally pushed, shoved and stepped over each other to get the last ones.

Someone witnessing the carnage caught footage of it on their cell phone and posted it to YouTube, where hopefully the world will learn that the holidays are meant to teach mankind the power of giving and least until the next Black Friday.

Watch the video below, which may too intense and NSFW for some viewers.

[via Dumb as a Blog]