So, you'll fast forward through commercials, but what about one, long romantic comedy complete with a storyline intended to get you to shop?

Walmart is banking on viewers being so engrossed in the story of its new 23-part Rom-Com that they will want to buy items they are seeing on the screen.

What Is Walmart's Rom-Com About?

Walmart partnered with Roku to release Add To Heart. Both the retailer and the streamer say this is a "RomCommerce" instead of a romantic comedy.

"It features a big city designer, Jessica, who goes back home to her small town for the holidays," Roku explains. "While visiting her local Walmart she bumps into an old flame, Javi."

SPOILER ALERT: You might want to stop here if you don't want to know more about what happens with Jessica and Javi in the Walmart.

You good? Ok.

So, Jessica and Javi get caught up in the holidays thanks to the local festivities in the town and all of the decorating and, of course, shopping. They eventually find themselves locked in a Walmart store that has closed for the night.

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"In the aisles, they rekindle their spark making it a season to remember," Roku says.

How Walmart Sells You Items In The Movie

There are a couple different ways viewers can purchase what they are seeing on-screen while watching Add To Heart.

When watching on Roku, viewers can use their remote during a scene to send themselves a text that will include a link to buy a specific item. For example, if you want the red ball decoration that appears during the proposal scene you will just need to click, send and buy.

Roku press photo
Roku press photo
Roku press photo
Roku press photo

The second way is when watching on YouTube and other platforms that also include a link to a landing page of items from each of the episodes. In other words, if can buy Jessica's faux leather mini skirt and that bar cabinet you saw in the background during episode 1 all in one place.

Add To Heart is delivered in 23 parts with each episode only lasting a few minutes, giving you plenty of time to get your shopping done at Walmart.

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