Everyone knows that waiting tables is typically a thankless, low-paying job. That's what makes this story of a waiter who received a $5,000 tip all the more remarkable.

Greg Rubar was waiting tables at D'Amico's in Houston, Texas, on Saturday when a generous couple surprised him with a $5,000 tip on a $27 meal. Rubar said they gave him the money after learning he lost his car in a storm several weeks ago.

"People can be generous. They told me I deserved it," said Rubar. "It's overwhelming to me."

Rubar, who's worked as a waiter at the restaurant for the past 16 years, said the couple are regular patrons, but they'll probably hold off on tipping him again in the future. "He said, 'We're still going to come in, but we're not going to tip you for a while.' He said this is for you to go and buy a nice car," added Rubar.

According to Rubar, he plans to honor the couple's wishes and buy himself a new vehicle. If he has any money left over, maybe he should consider quitting his crummy day job too. (Just a suggestion.)

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