Don't be surprised if you find a hair in your food at one Waffle House.

That's because two employees were captured on camera doing their hair in the eatery's kitchen using restaurant equipment. The Waffle House in question is located in Forrest City, Ark.

According to WMC, "The employees pull the hair out of the water and dry it with a towel while customers across the counter watch." Not exactly the dinner and a show most patrons probably had in mind. Perhaps hungry folks would be wiser if they chose to eat at the Pizza Hut where employees smoke from a bong in the kitchen.

A health inspector summoned to the restaurant found multiple violations, but the location will remain open while management attempts to get everything back up to code.

As for the employees featured in the video, now might be a good time to think about changing careers and going into hairstyling. That's because Waffle House has confirmed it fired them.

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