Reporters are supposed to be cool, calm and collected while on-camera, right?

A videobomber snuck up behind Wendy Burch, a reporter with Los Angeles' KTLA, while she was doing a standup on Tuesday. To say he scared her would not do justice to the word "scare."

Burch had the FCC frightened right out of her, since she nearly uttered a word you're not supposed to say on TV. She quickly regrouped and began laughing and has since embraced all the attention she's gotten.

Keep in mind Burch is a seasoned pro (she is an Emmy winner) and works in a major market. She's not some just out of college newbie looking to pad her reel while working in some podunk town, paying her dues so she can move up to a city where the biggest story is not a cat gets stuck in a tree.

It just goes to show this can happen to anyone.

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