Francis Ford Coppola appears to be returning to his 'Dracula' roots in his latest movie, 'Twixt,' a small-town murder-mystery story that features everything from a creepy Bruce Dern to vampires.

In the trailer for the movie, released Tuesday, a second-rate writer named Hall Balitmore (Val Kilmer) shows up for a book signing in a middle-of-nowhere town, only to discover there's a serial killer lurking about. With the help of a local sheriff (Dern), Baltimore winds up using the killings as inspiration for a new book. Which is when a ghost-like Elle Fanning shows up and things start to get really, really weird.

Will 'Twixt' be the new 'Twilight'? Judging by Kilmer's unfortunate ponytail, probably not. But it should be an interesting movie to watch, especially for those who are fans of Coppola's darker side.

Watch the trailer below:

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