Last weekend on NPR's comedic quiz show 'Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!' Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was invited on to play a game called 'I Can Hardly Clear My Throat in 140 Characters.' Before his win (the prize was getting co-host Carl Kasell's distinguished voice on a lucky listener's home answering machine), Stone recounted an awkward but hilarious encounter he had with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg when they met to discuss the potential sale of Stone's then-fledgling microblogging service:

"I had a meeting once with Zuckerberg, and every joke I said landed like a dead fish on the ground....[Twitter co-founder] Evan and I walked into the room. [Zuckerberg] walked in first, sat in a chair....I walked in next, sat on one side of the loveseat. Ev walked in third and Ev said, 'Oh, do you want me to close the door or leave it open?' And Zuckerberg said, 'Yes.' So Ev said, 'Oh, well I guess I'll just close it this much.'"

Stone then went on to describe how he and co-founder Evan Williams skipped out on lunch:

"That wasn't even the worst moment. The worst moment was he was like 'Hey, do you guys want to go have lunch at our cafeteria?' So we had to wait on this huge line for lunch. Evan was like 'Aren't you the boss? Can't you like kind of cut the line a little bit here?' And he's like 'That's not how we do things here.' And that's when I said, 'Oh my gosh, Evan, we have that thing.'"

To listen to the segment and read the entire transcript, head over to NPR.