Video a tortoise playing with a ball sounds about as exciting, as, well, a tortoise playing with a ball. But this reptile is having a shell of a good time and you will, too, watching him.

Just look at this tortoise motor around the floor chasing a ball. He's single-handedly (or single-pawedly or whatever it is their feet are properly called) going to ruin the stereotype that turtles move slower than molasses.

This creature is so adept that his owners should train him to get the morning paper, assuming, of course, they're living in a pre-Internet era where people actually still get home delivery of the morning paper and don't read the news online.

Meanwhile, if there is a family dog, well, he'd better get in game shape because this tortoise is about to school him. When the weather gets warmer, you just know he's going to give it his all when it comes time to throw the Frisbee around.

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