Going to the gym is the granddaddy of all New Year's resolutions. But, as this video proves, it probably shouldn't be.

The team at Cracked has put together this amusing and spot-on take on the silliness that is joining a gym and then actually going to it.

Yes, with the calendar rolling over to January, you may have looked down to see that one less belt-hole is being used while you try to wedge your lower half into those jeans that you could've sworn fit six months ago. So, naturally, you think you need to go out and contort your muscles on all sorts of contraptions in an attempt to make the fat disappear like Donald Trump at a mosque.

As, Roger, the faux spokesman in this faux ad gently reminds us, "You're going to pay me to let you do exercises in my building." He's just banking on the enthusiasm you feel in the New Year to wilt like that celery in your fridge that you're never going to eat.

Of course, you can also quit the gym, but we all know that's easier said than done, as the wise Chandler Bing taught us:

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