Christian Schallert of Barcelona, Spain lives in what many would consider to be a very small apartment, just 258 square feet. As you can see, he's still got everything a human being needs to live — a full kitchen, a bed, tables, and even a TV room — hidden in a special wall he built into his apartment.

He describes his tiny place as the perfect living space for a human because it only provides the bare essentials in a functional setting. He even has a shower and a toilet built into the space.

According to Schallert, it's a place that gives you everything you need, and a place to put it without wasting space. It doesn't give you any space that you don't need to live.

"At the end, what do you need for living?" he said. "You need a nice, comfortable mattress, clean sheets, running water and a stove to cook something." That's fine, but it doesn't exactly lend itself to parties where more than three people are invited.


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