You're slaving away on your latest project -- maybe it's a huge paper for school or a big time presentation for work -- when all of a sudden with one or two accidental keystrokes, it's gone. All of it. Poof. Your heart sinks and you contemplate drastic measures.

Now, picture you're a Pixar employee and your project is the nearly-completed sequel to one of your most successful animated features and it's set to release in theaters in the coming months. Yeah. Freakout Central.

Such is the case for Pixar's Oren Jacob and Galyn Susman who almost lost ALL of the files for 'Toy Story 2' due to an accidental command and a bad backup system.

As the whimsical animated tale below shows, the fact that Susman was a new mom played a huge part in Pixar's happy ending.

Hopefully, if you're single and without child, you steer your employers clear of this video. Happy belated Mother's Day, everyone!