Wild weather was on display all over the globe this week.

Tornadoes touched down around Oklahoma City on Wednesday. One trailer park was destroyed, while a dozen people suffered injuries. Five of them are listed in critical condition.

There are reports of various other damage in surrounding towns, as well as flooding.

The tornadoes were so intense that a slew of animals managed to escape from Tiger Safari, an animal park in the town of Tuttle., although officials managed to corral them all.

A continent away in Germany, a tornado also hit the town of Buetzow on Tuesday.

According to a report in The Guardian, the tornado "tore off roofs, overturned cars and ripped up trees."

It's believed to be one of at least three tornadoes that decimated the region.

Someone in Hamburg reportedly died from falling debris. The situation may not get better so soon, since Germany was expected to experience more storms in the coming days.

One person who lives in Buetzow described the ordeal, saying, "I saw that the clouds were very strange…and it was like a punch in the face, the wind and water and rain."

Photos of the damage from a neighboring town appeared on Twitter, giving people an up-close look at the seriousness of the tornadoes.

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