Tom Gabel is the singer for the acclaimed Florida punk rock band Against Me! He also just announced in an interview with Rolling Stone that he is transgendered and will be transitioning to a woman.

Meanwhile, Tim McIlrath is the singer for the politically-charged punk band Rise Against. He is currently a man, and, as far as we know, intends to stay that way. However, due to the similarities in the two bands' names, many folks on Twitter are under the impression that it is McIlrath who will soon change genders. 

According to Gabel, he has suffered from gender dysphoria his whole life. He will go by the name Laura Jane Grace once the transition has been complete.

As for McIlrath, the confusion could be a little awkward, but it is certainly not the first time the two bands have been mistaken for each other. In fact, Tom Gabel/Laura Jane Grace is doing McIlrath a favor going forward, as people typically don't mix up bands with differently gendered lead singers.

See how more confused punk rock fans reacted to Gabel's announcement on Twitter below. (Some language is NSFW.)