And the worst part is? It's pretty much all her fault.

We don't have much background on this clip. It comes to us courtesy of Center Acura, a dealership for the favored cars of Winston Wolf in Sherman Oaks, CA. However, it's not really surprising we don't know who this poor woman is, because we doubt she wants to be associated with this video.

What makes this all so baffling is how all of this happens in a minute and a half, across a distance of perhaps fifty feet. First, she accepts her parking ticket and then accelerates up the ramp, scraping her driver's side all the way up and destroying her mirror. Then, suddenly, the car breaks free and smashes straight into a concrete wall.

If you look closely, you can tell the accident is pretty bad: there are clouds of what appear to be smoke drifting across the front of the car. Then, not unreasonably, she forgets to put the parking brake on...and the car rolls back down the ramp, breaking off her driver's side door before thankfully lurching to a stop.

The video ends with the woman hiding in embarrassment. And really... can you blame her?